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Instead of mugging-up textbooks, science concepts can be understood more effectively through experiments. But far-flung schools neither have a well-equipped laboratory nor a good teacher to explain the science math concepts in depth through experiments. Therefore, TZP have successfully conceptualized and delivered Mobile Science Labs. That gives modern lab facility to the remote area students.

Recently, we have delivered three such mobile science labs to the education department of Ladakh. Among them, one is operating in Kargil and the other two are operating in the Chungtang region near the China border. 

These MSLs are having following features:

  • It is a customized van carrying innovative science kits and Exhibits that can explain around 100 science experiments.

  • On the one side of bus, there is 75 inch huge LED smart TV which can be used to show video contents and also it can connect students to the renowned persons virtually.

  • The TV is surrounded with Interesting Science exhibits and working science Models. For example, Petrol and diesel engine, Heart model, Working of Kidney, etc.

  • On the other side of bus, there is an interactive window where teacher can sit and perform science experiments.

  •  A public addressing system for better interaction.

  • Graphics on the MSL also designed in such way that students will get engaged by seeing attractive designs showing pictures/diagrams of science concepts, Math tricks, puzzles and interesting science facts.

Note: As it is conceptualized and designed by us, more features can be added as per the requirement.

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