1. Mobile Planetarium Shows : Engaging and educational planetarium shows are brought directly to the schools. These shows use high-quality visuals and narration to introduce students to the wonders of astronomy and the universe.

2. Science Models : Expert teachers accompany the project and bring a variety of science models to the schools. These models are designed to illustrate scientific principles and concepts in a visual and interactive manner.

3. Hands-On Learning : The project focuses on hands-on learning experiences. Students actively participate in scientific experiments and activities, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

4. Experiential Workshops : The project offers experiential workshops that encourage students to explore science through practical engagement. These workshops may cover a range of scientific disciplines, from physics and chemistry to biology and environmental science.

5. Teacher Training : In addition to benefiting students, the project provides training and support to teachers. Educators learn how to effectively use the provided resources and teaching materials to enhance their science education curriculum.

6.Community Engagement : The project fosters community involvement by encouraging parents and local residents to participate in its activities. This engagement can create a supportive learning environment for students and build a sense of community around science education.

7. Curriculum Integration : The project aims to complement and enhance the regular curriculum of the schools involved. By providing interactive and practical learning experiences, it helps students better grasp and retain scientific knowledge.

8. Educational Resources : Beyond the in-person activities, the project may also provide educational resources such as books, materials, or digital content to support ongoing learning and exploration.

These services collectively aim to make science education more accessible, engaging, and impactful for underprivileged students in Mumbai’s slum areas, empowering them with knowledge and sparking their interest in the field of science.