History of Saare Tare Zameen Par Trust: Illuminating Pathways to Rural Education

Saare Tare Zameen Par Trust (STZPT) is a beacon of hope in the realm of rural education, a testament to the transformative power of vision and dedication. Its journey is a story of individuals who, inspired by their own backgrounds and experiences, embarked on a mission to bridge the educational gap between urban and rural India.

  • Dinesh Badagandi: The genesis of STZPT can be traced back to the visionary leadership of Mr. Dinesh Badagandi, a native of rural North Karnataka. With a career that spanned two decades in Western countries working for multinational corporations, he returned to India with a burning desire for social entrepreneurship. His journey began with corporate training, but it was during this phase that he recognized the pressing need for improvements in early-stage education.
  • Abhijeet Chaudhari: Another luminary in the STZPT story is Mr. Abhijeet Chaudhari, hailing from a rural part of Thane District in Maharashtra. His remarkable achievements in film-making, adventure sports, and NCC Army, combined with an MSc in Physics, made him uniquely equipped to contribute to education. Abhijeet’s passion for physics and his experiences in various fields inspired him to implement experiential and conceptual learning techniques.
  • Shivaprasad Khened: Adding further depth to the STZPT leadership team is Mr. Shivaprasad Khened, a distinguished figure with a wealth of experience in curating science centers and driving science and technology initiatives. His tenure as the former CEO of the Prime Minister Museum and former Director of Nehru Science Center underscores his commitment to advancing science education.
  • The Evolution of STZPT: Saare Tare Zameen Par Trust was born out of the collective vision and dedication of these individuals. Its early days were marked by a commitment to bringing urban-style learning amenities to rural students. Recognizing the transformative potential of technology in education, STZPT pioneered initiatives such as Digital Mobile Planetariums and Mobile Science Labs. These innovations were designed to provide rural students with immersive, experiential, and inspirational learning experiences.
  • Mentorship and CSR Support: The journey of STZPT has been marked by mentorship and collaboration. With the guidance of Mr. Shivaprasad Khened and the support of various CSR partners, STZPT expanded its reach to the remotest corners of India. Through these partnerships, the trust has been able to reach and benefit countless students, ensuring that no child is denied access to quality education.

Saare Tare Zameen Par Trust’s history is a testament to the power of individuals driven by a shared vision of education as a catalyst for change. It’s a story of bringing the stars down to Earth, illuminating the educational pathways for rural students, and empowering them to reach for the skies. As STZPT continues to grow and evolve, its impact on rural education in India continues to shine brighter with each passing day.